[Seoul - Sindorim] Tonkastick - Galbi Jjim Donkatsu 매갈까스

My friend and I went to Tonkastick in Sindorim for donkatsu dinner!

Sindorim is the meetup spot for meeting friends from Incheon if you live in Seoul.

This place is kind of interesting. It is quite small, maybe seats for 20 people maximum.

Their "claim to fame" is what we ordered - a shareable donkatsu hotpot of sorts.
We got the 매갈까스, which is a combination of spicy galbi jjim and cheese donkatsu.
매갈 = 매울갈비찜 (spicy galbi jjim) and 까스 = 돈까스 (donkatsu pork cutlet).

We got the 2 person size, so it's 19,000 KRW.

They give you cheesy french fries!
This place gets me.
The side dishes include cream soup, Korean macaroni salad, lettuce salad (not pictured, sorry), kimchi, and pickled radish.

It was the perfect size for us.
The donkatsu was nice and fried and crispy despite being in the stew. There was cheese, but it was not overwhelmingly cheesy.

The galbi jjim is a nice touch, it's under the donkatsu. It balances out the friedness of the donkatsu. It's also nice and spicy, so it also kind of balances the flavor of the donkatsu well, too.

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