[Seoul - Gangnam] 내가찜한닭 Premium Jjimdak - Cheese jjimdak!

내가찜한닭 (naega jjimhan dak) has been quite popular for the past couple of years.

I have been multiple times for various group functions, but have never gotten around to writing a post about it, so here it is.

I took my parents to the Gangnam location during their trip. Itinerary here!

Actually, the name is kind of a cute pun in Korean, but it kind of sounds dumb to explain it, but here goes!
내가 means I/me, 찜한다 kind of like calling dibs on something or like claiming interest in it, and 닭 means chicken, but 찜한다 is pronounced basically the same way as 찜한닭.

So, it's kind of like "The (chicken) I called dibs on" or "I called dibs!"

The Gangnam location is the newest location. There are various locations around Seoul and Gyeonggi province.
I have been to the ones in Hongdae, Edae, and Hyehwa and all are consistently good! You know, how sometimes even though they're chains, the flavors are kind of hit and miss? Well, I haven't found that to be the case here.

The hours of the Gangnam location are from 10:20 AM to 11 PM.

We usually go for the cheese-topped jjimdak (other posts!). Jjimdak is one of my favorite Korean foods. It is just so comforting and also filling, but without making you feel bloated by eating rice, you know?

Anyway, some other locations have really spicy jjimdak since that's more of the traditional taste, but here you can choose your spice level (see below).

Additionally, if you are slightly worried about spice levels or want a new jjimdak experience, definitely go for the cheese topping. It's not really, cheese cheese, it's Korean "pizza" cheese, which is basically just a rather bland cheese texture (sorry, I'm making it sound unappealing, but I just want to emphasize you don't really get a super cheesy flavor from it) that kind of enhances certain parts of the flavor, while downplaying others.

If that's not your thing, or I probably turned you off from trying it, you can also opt for the OG style.
You also have to choose between boneless chicken and bone-in chicken. I usually go for boneless even though it's a little more expensive because I'm getting old and working for my food is not my thing.

There is English on the menu itself, but the ordering form does not have English. I am sure you can probably just order by pointing, but you can find my explanation about how to order on the paper below!

Deciphering the order slip!
First off choose between 1 and 2.
1 is the 안동찜닭, which is the original flavor and is what I usually go for.
2 is 매콤고추장찜닭, which is the spicy flavor gochujang (Korean red pepper paste) flavor. My assumption is this is realllly spicy, but I haven't tried it.

After you select 1 or 2, the next choice is choosing size of the dish.
A) is where you check the check boxes for this. The left side means small (feeds 2-3), middle one is medium size (feeds probably 3-4) and right side is large size (probably feeds 4-5).
B) is where you can select cheese 치즈토핑 with the check box and also write how many sides of rice you want, within the parentheses.

C) This is where you select the spice level. 보통 (regular spice level), 맵게 (spicier),  아주맵게 (really spicy)

Depending on who I go with, I usually get the regular or spicier levels. My parents and I got the regular level and it was spicy enough to satisfy my dad (although he said he wanted it spicier) and also not kill my mom who cannot handle spice.

3) This is where you select the add-ons!
만두 (mandu dumplings), 당면 (sweet potato glass noodles), 치즈떡 (cheese-filled dduk rice cakes)
All of these are included in the base price! This just adds extra to your dish!

4) This is where you select your beverages!
콜라 Cola
사이다 Cider (aka lemon lime beverage)
소주 Soju
맥주 Beer

The rest of the order form just tells you that boneless takes 10-15 minutes to make and the bone-in variety takes 15-20 minutes!

Don't worry you get some extra food, too, during your wait time. You get some cabbage salad and also the pickles (they also help to cut spice).

This is ours! We ordered the cheese-topped Andong jjimdak (small size) with no add-ons.
It was kind of the perfect size for us, but we were kind of eating all day.

Check out that cheese pull!

This is really easy to find actually.
Gangnam Station (line 2, Bundang line) - exit 12
From exit 12, walk backwards slightly to the first road, you'll see a Mini stop and Dunkin Doughnuts. Walk about 3 more streets and you'll see the Baskin Robbins. It's on the second floor and the door is to your right! :)

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