[Jeju - Seogwipo] OSULLOC Tea Museum Cafe 오설록티뮤지엄 - Green Tea Ice Cream!

Today's is about the OSULLOC Green Tea Museum's green tea, especially the green tea soft serve ice cream!
Wednesday's post was about the InnisFree Jeju House and its green tea products. Note, both are on the same parcel of land! You definitely should do both at the same time!

The museum itself is quite interesting, more posts about that later!
If you are so-so about the museum, you can definitely just head straight to the cafe as others in your party go through the museum.

About 30% of the building is tea museum, the remaining 70% is the cafe and tea gift shop!

The prices here are quite steep, but it is OSULLOC, which is always expensive because it's the "premium" tea producer in Korea.

I really just wanted the ice cream, but I can't lie, I was slightly tempted by slices of the roll cakes.

They do have a deal on takeout tea! It's 1+1!

Some of the other beverages were quite tempting, too. But, we had just finished our lunch at the InnisFree Jeju House Green Cafe (see yesterday's post), so I didn't have any room in my tummy to put it.

I succeeded at getting just the green tea ice cream! It was 5,000 KRW, which is kind of expensive, but it was delish!

It wasn't a straight green tea flavor, which my dad enjoyed since he's a little iffy about tea.
There was definitely a strong vanilla flavor, too. You can also tell that this is real green tea and that they're not hiding behind sugar and a ton of artificial flavors to make their ice cream.

This was actually kind of a perfect day for ice cream. Even though it was in the middle of winter, the sun was shining and it was quite warm! This was the perfect treat after lunch!

In case you're wondering, there are tons of teas available for purchase in the gift shop! You can buy these special "sets," which would make great gifts for people back home.

Also note, if you're going back to Seoul to fly out of Incheon, you can easily go to an O'Sulloc location in Seoul and buy similar sets and not have to worry about the hassle of carrying these back on the plane. I'm all for laziness.

I was really tempted by the Wedding Green Tea blend, it was soooooo aromatic! I still might stop in the location in Gangnam or Myeongdong to pick some up for myself!

Budget wise, most of the teas I was looking at were about 20,000 KRW-30,000 KRW.
You can choose between pyramid tea bags, regular tea bags, and loose teas. Some also come in powdered form. So, there are far too many options!!

The other cool thing, I'm a nerd, is that they roast green tea in house! You can watch them do it at certain hours.

I believe this roasted green tea is only available at the Jeju location, so if you like the flavor of roasted green tea, definitely pick it up when you're in there for a visit! It'll be fresh and definitely makes for a great, unique gift for any tea lover in your life.

It was on sale when I was there, but it's unclear if it was really a "sale" or just a marketing ploy.

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