[Jeju] InnisFree Jeju House Green Cafe 이니스프리제주하우스 그린카페

The Innisfree Jeju House is a "must visit" for any K-beauty tourist to Jeju, or probably any tourist to Jeju!
So, of course, you know I had to stop by during my trip! Read my Jeju itinerary here!

It's kind of way the heck out there, but luckily we had a car. There are public buses (few and far between) and you can easily hire a taxi tour to take you there.

Luckily for us, we went at a non-peak time of year. Even still, it was quite busy! We went for Seollal, which is Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year.

The one thing to note is that this is basically on the same exact property as the O'Sulloc Tea Museum. That will be tomorrow's post, so check back. That being said, during peak times of the year, I assume the parking situation will be a disaster and there will be people everywhere.

We knew we wanted some beverages and these are just so cute! (Sorry the color balance is off and it's kind of dark, this was day 2 of my new phone and I didn't quite get a handle of it yet...and it was surprisingly quite sunny, so I wasn't really adjusted to how the screen looked yet).

We got (from left to right) the famous "Jeju Sea Lemonade" (6,000 KRW), "Blueberry Mint Soda" (6,000 KRW), and the Green Tea Latte (hot) (7,000 KRW).
Note that the green tea latte has pat (sweetened red beans) at the bottom, which is kind of an acquired taste/texture.

The Jeju Sea Lemonade was really refreshing! I would definitely recommend getting this one if you're here in the summer! It is kind of sweet, though. Plus, it makes a beautiful picture for you Instagrammers with patience for getting the perfect lighting, etc. (I obviously lack that, sorry folks).

The Blueberry Mint Soda was also quite refreshing, but in a different style than the Sea Lemonade. The sea lemonade is kind of more of a childlike (?) sort of drink, where as the refreshing flavor of the blueberry mint is more of a mature, sort of subtle refreshment.

We decided to get the hot green tea latte because, well, it was winter and we had spent time out in the green tea fields! It did not disappoint (minus the fact that I personally do not care for surprise pat in my drinks). My mom loved the pat, so it all worked out in the end. It was a pretty natural flavored green tea, not overly sweet, but not bitter either. The milk was also not too overpowering. All in all, I recommend this beverage, especially if you're visiting in the winter! It's quite comforting.

We also ordered lunch!
Hallasan Pasta Salad (11,000 KRW), Jeju Shrimp Avocado bun (in the back) (8000 KRW), and the Jeju homemade sausage hot dog (7500 KRW).

The cool thing, in my opinion, is that Innisfree Jeju House tries to source everything from the island. I mean, I'm sure it's kind of a marketing ploy, but I bought in! I definitely like the farm to table concept.

In the picture, you see those little name cards? Those are cards that explain what the Jeju native ingredients are, where they came from on the island, and what kind of benefits are associated with them!

I really wanted the Pasta Salad! It is made with greens sourced from Halla Mountain comes with a citrus dressing that is really wonderful. It was a perfect balance between kind of savory and crisp and sweet.

The homemade sausage is made using pork from the Jeju black pigs! Since I can't really eat pork well, this was kind of my dad's only opportunity to try the black pigs (since it's family style and all in the Korean barbecue joints). He said this sausage was really flavorful and juicy and was a much deeper flavor than you would typically get from a regular sausage. It also comes with some fries. Value-wise, I think this was one of the better values.

My mom had the Shrimp Avocado Bun. We are all kind of obsessed with avocados, I go through phases and this was one of those phases. The avocado is not from Jeju, but everything else was. It was a nice light sandwich with some complexity to its flavors.

All in all the total bill came to 45,500 KRW, which is a little high, but also not at the same time.
This is a major tourist trap sort of area, so three full meals and three beverages for 45,500 is not too shabby.

They did have this other meal I really wanted to try, but it seemed like far too much food for us! So, if you try it/have tried it, leave a comment below!
I really wanted to try the Jeju Lady Diver's Brunch Basket (16,000 KRW). It has a ton of seafood, vegetables, and rice balls in it. It just looked so unique.

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