[Seoul - Samcheongdong] Cafe Bora 카페보라 - Purple Sweet Potato Ice Cream and Peanut Ice Cream

My parents and I revisited Cafe Bora this year during their trip for a quick snack before going to MMCA.

I first went to Cafe Bora a year ago with my friend. At that time, we got the sweet potato ice cream and some sweet potato lattes, we were definitely sweet potato-ed out for a long time after that.

My mom and I got the sweet potato ice cream and my dad got the peanut one.
They have slightly expanded their menu in the past year, as in not everything is made with purple sweet potato!

Cafe Bora means, purple cafe since bora means purple in Korean. It's an apt name since their main claim to fame products are made with the purple sweet potatoes.

They say their products are all organic and sourced from a particular farm in Korea.

I have still yet to have the sweet potato bingsu...maybe next time!

The menu is in English, Chinese, and Korean, so no worries there!

The prices aren't so bad considering the "novelty" aspect of the purple ice cream (case in point: Remicone Thunderbomb).

The ice cream has a sweet potato flavor, without being bam sweet potato! The sweet potato lattes, on the other hand, are super super sweet potato flavored and are quite thick because unlike many of the other sweet potato lattes you can buy in Seoul, these are made with real sweet potato, not powder.

The peanut ice cream is totally not my style, but it's good to have that as an option for someone who's not that into sweet potatoes or purple colored food. It was just way too sweet for me. It was really what you'd imagine sweetened peanut butter ice cream to taste like. Peanut butter fan will love this!

There are only seats for about 12 people within the cafe.

Anguk Station (line 3), exit 1:
Walk straight to the second street, the big one that goes on the famous walking path.
Walk past the middle school and the galleria.

You should be on the lookout for the last set of signs. You'll get to a store selling ddukbokki and it should be right around there, down a little alley.

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