[Seoul - Sadang] Nak Dduk 낙지대학떡볶이꽈 ddukbokki

We found Nakdduk (낙지대학떡볶이꽈) near Sadang station and decided to give it a try.

So, you might know of Uncles, a ddukbokki restaurant I posted about that is famous for its "blooming squid" ddukbokki. Unfortunately, it's a little far away for me and my SNU friends, so we searched for an alternative.

This place usually has a long wait time (I often walk past it on my way home from work around dinnertime). They have a whiteboard out front where you should write your name i there is a wait.

My friend and I were lucky and just missed the crowd (at the time that we finished and paid our bill, there were about 10 people waiting outside).

They do have a pretty extensive menu. (It's below.)
Luckily, if you don't know Korean, there are pictures for every menu item!

One thing to note is that it is a little more watery than Uncles, although both are the 국물 떡볶이 style - this just means that they're "wetter."

We ordered the 오징어떡볶이 in the 2-person size (11,000 KRW).
I think we were both a little disappointed by the squid...it wasn't like what was in the picture (the top picture - left hand page, top half). In fact, the squid was put on a plate by the sides we ordered. We ordered the fried kimbap (2000 KRW).

It was supposed to come out looking like the Uncles ddukbokki, but, well it failed on all accounts.

See, the batter wasn't even like what was in the picture!

This is the pre-cooked look. You should cut the dduk to your liking, they are long stands of dduk at this restaurant.

One thing that was a positive if you're not a spice fan was that it wasn't very spicy at all. And, unlike at Uncles, where you choose your spice level, this place didn't give us an option really.

It is SUPER cheap, so that was also a plus.

Most of the others in the restaurant got the chicken one, so maybe that's a sign for what I should try next time.

Verdict: It's good enough, better than some of the other ddukbokki options. I would prefer going to Uncles, but since it's a bit of a ride for me, this place is fine.

Sadang Station (lines 2, 4), exit 8. Walk out exit 8 and then take the first left down the big road with all the restaurants. This restaurant is right at the end of the street on your right. Across the street from it is a chicken shop where you buy entire fried chickens.

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