[Seoul - Myeongdong] Missha Myeongdong Flagship Store (미샤 명동1호점) Grand Renewal Opening!

Today's post is about the Missha Myeongdong store's grand renewal!

This is the location that is on the main Unesco street closest to Lotte Department Store.

My parents and I happened upon this while we were walking around a few weeks ago. They were running a promotion and giving out great freebies (you know I love a good freebie - including full-size products).

It's kind of just like a regular store, but cleaner?

However, they added this "Counseling zone" in the back of the store! This is specifically for you to get counseling about their anti-aging line products (including their Time Revolution lines). It seems so much better get advice about the products at the table rather than next to the products on the shelves!

I also got this cotton candy buddy! Say hi!
I've wanted to get a cute cotton candy character for a while, but didn't' want to pay for it because...I actually hate cotton candy, I just like the cute 😅

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