[Seoul - Hongdae] Ryan Cafe and Kakao Friends Store

After we went to the Kakao Friends Concept Museum, we went to the Kakao Friends Store and then later to the Ryan Cafe for a quick coffee break.

First off, I forgot to take a picture of the menu, sorry about that. The beverages were pretty comparable to moderate priced coffee shops outside, which is good because I could definitely see them taking advantage of the captive audience and charging so much more.

I think our americanos were 3500 KRW each, I think...

If you want some Kakao Friends themed desserts, they have them, too. I'm not a huge dessert person, so I passed.

The prices for the sweets are, unlike the beverages, slightly high. It's probably because of the licensing and the cute factor. Have to always remember the cute factor.

Look at those macarons, though. They cute! 😍😍😍

The Madeleines, however, are kind of creepy. Especially Apeach. What's up with that?

I was surprised how empty the cafe was, actually. The store was packed!
There are some seats by the window. The seat that was always full was the one with a HUGE Ryan plush.

On each table, they have those Ryan soft glow lamps.
I decided to keep the coffee sleeve, as you probably saw in yesterday's post. I have decided I am collecting cute coffee sleeves as my new thing...ones with cute designs. However, since making that decision, I've gone to exactly 0 cafes!

Location: Hongik University (line 2) Exit 8
Go out the exit and as you're facing the bank, turn left and walk towards exit 9

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