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[Snack Attack - Korea] DailyTalk Mango Aloe Juice

This Daily Talk Mango/Aloe juice is new. It showed up in convenience stores (GS25 and CU) about two weeks ago.

I decided to try it as a breakfast drink, instead of my usual milk, like this Snoopy coffee milk from GS25.

Since it's new, the convenience stores are all running sales promotions on it. I got mine 1+1 (buy one, get one free) at CU.

I was really excited because I really like having the chewy texture in my juice. I think it's weird when I describe it this way.

I also am kind of obsessed with mangoes right now, so I was kind of excited for that reason, too.

I so wish I loved this drink, but it was just alright.

It was very sugary! I really need to get in the habit of checking the sugar content (당류) before I purchase drinks here. I always remember right after I open it. Koreans really like sugar in everything!
As you might recall, it happened to me in my Bad Farmers juice purchase, too.

A bit off topic:
This is also important to note if you have diabetes! Even juice like tomato juice has an insane amount of sugar in it here! I am lucky that my failure to check the sugar content doesn't have immediate consequences on me.

Anyway, this juice was good enough to buy again if it is on sale/continues to be on sale.

I got 1+1, so 2 for 1800 KRW.
So, it's kind of a little expensive for just one juice.

It was good enough though to be a meal replacement in the morning because my office has lunch at 11:30, so anything else is kind of too heavy in the morning.

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