[K-Beauty] Labiotte Marryeco Neck Patch with Geranium

My mom and I received this as an extra with our Labiotte haul a few weeks ago.

Labiotte Haul (All this for 61,000KRW! Including 2 wine liptints, 2 full size creams, 2 cleansing products, and much more)

I tested it out last week when I was sick.

This is the first neck patch I've ever used, so I didn't know what to expect.
It's also a gel patch!

This is a moisturizing neck patch. I was using a Mediheal Whitening face mask at the same time (which is one of the best sheet masks I have used, in addition to SNP...more later).

Since it's a gel patch, you have to be kind of gentle with it, especially if you have kind of long/sharp finger nails. I accidentally made a little hole in mine.

You keep it on for 30 minutes. So, I had to start it earlier than the sheet mask.

Unlike the sheet masks, there wasn't that much liquid leftover on my neck, so there wasn't that much to massage in.

It's quite nice and cooling in the beginning, but then warms to your body temperature in the 30 minutes.

I didn't notice any difference in my neck's moisture level after finishing it (or the day after). It smells pretty good, though. Not chemically. It's probably one of those items that's either just for fun or else you need to invest in like 400 of them and use them religiously to see any difference.

Verdict: It was free, so it's fine, but I probably wouldn't spend my money on it if I was expecting results. That being said, it may make a nice novelty gift for someone, like if you got a set of all the patches and masks in Korea.

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