[K-Beauty] Etude House Play 101 Stick Line - Contour Duo

Today, I wanted to let you know about the Play 101 Stick Contour Duo from Etude House.

For people with Pink Memberships, they were on sale this weekend for 8900 KRW (any item in the line), so I had to restock my contour duo stick! (Original non-sale price: 12000 KRW)

I apologize for pictures. I recently changed phones, so I'm trying to get used to the new camera! And, since I kind of just started this whole beauty reviews thing, I haven't quite gotten the proper backdrop yet for taking photos of the products in my apartment yet, so please bear with me.

As I wrote in the teaser, the whole line was on sale for people with a Pink Membership, which is the Etude House membership program. I got my membership a long time ago, but I think all you need is your phone number and a name, any name. I say this because my account appears in my Korean name, which is what I do when I'm too lazy to write out my whole American name and because it's obvious they don't need that information.

I have previously used the Contour Stick slightly after it first came out, or was discovered by beauty bloggers, maybe. I bought it for my birthday in June 2016...because I had a crazy good coupon that I got as a reward for my birthday.

You can also buy the products online from Amazon if you can't get to Korea!

I took an awkward picture of the entire line for you guys when I was in the store. (I'm pretty sure store pictures aren't allowed, so I had to be semi stealthy, so that's why the framing is a bit off...sorry! 😓)

I am not sure if the names and descriptions appear in English, so I'll write them below.
00: Primer Stick
01-04: Foundation Sticks
08-10: Highlighter Sticks
11, 18-20: Shading and Bronzer Sticks
12, 13, 15, 16: "Multi Color" Sticks - most people use these as blush
21: Oil balm
After 21, the "duo sticks" appear.
The first 3 are "colored"
Use the peach tone on dark circle areas and yellow color on dull skin areas to brighten skin tone.  
Use the mint color on reddish areas of the face and blue color on uneven skin tone areas.   
Use lavender color on dark areas and pink color to brighten skin tone.
The final two are the contour duo sticks!

I bought the Contour Duo Stick in 02. The 01 is a lighter color, so it depends on your personal preference and coloring.
I am a little darker for a Korean. I usually use the number 23 BB creams and CC creams, just for a reference.

This is perfect for busy people. It's so convenient, seriously, and is so nice if you're going on a trip because all you need to take with your is this little pen.

I've tried some of the other sticks from other road shop brands, Nature Republic is the most recent trial, and I think the Etude one is the best!

The Nature Republic one was thicker than the Etude one, so it was a lot harder to control when trying to contour my nose, for example. However, since it was thicker, it was easier to apply to larger areas like my forehead and cheeks. So, it might be conceivable to use both?

One downside I had about this Etude House Play 101 Contour Duo stick is that you can go through it really fast! I think probably because it's thinner, so you end up having to keep screwing up more and more product to cover the same area as you would with some of the other brands.

Another downside I found is that because it's a duo, I ran out of one side before the other side, which really annoys me to no end. (Don't get me started on shampoo/conditioner.) For me, I had run out of the highlighter side with about 0.5 inches of the shading side still left. So, now I have this awkward little stump of shading left.

I was lucky again, and got some samples with my purchase. I really don't usually get samples when I buy stuff on sale, some of my friends are always so lucky and get inundated with samples and I usually get...a receipt.

Have you tried any of the other sticks yet? What did you think?

My friend has tried the blush one before, the peach-y colored one. She said she was a little less than impressed because the color was too light for her.

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