[K-Beauty] Etude House AC Clean Up (Acne Care)

I received Etude House's AC Clean Up samples with a purchase I made.

I was a HUGE fan of Etude House's old acne line, but they revamped it last summer and added the Pink Powder Mask along with some medicated products like concealer and cushion pacts. 

That being said, I am kind of meh about this new line's effectiveness for acne prone or trouble skin.
I don't have full-on acne all the time and I never have, so I cannot comment about how effective it is for that type of skin.

I typically get two or three pimples randomly. So, I used to just have the AC Clean Up Intense Pink Powder Spot  on hand to take care of my trouble spots, however they got rid of this product on the revamping and now have the pink powder mask in its place, I guess.

I liked that the Pink Powder Spot you could put on just small areas, where as the mask you are supposed to put on your whole face. I have tried to use the mask as a spot treatment and it just wasn't that effective for me. I also find that this mask formula is really drying for my skin, much more so than the Pink Powder Spot

The Pink Powder Mask is a combination of salicylic acid. tea tree oil, and something else that is supposed to remove scarring, which is why it's called "clean up," I guess.

I also usually used the gel lotion during a breakout or if I felt my face was especially oily or the air was especially dirty. This new one seems to be about the same as the old one, so this is probably just a label change.

The same goes for the toner, I bought a full size bottle of it. I was going through an especially rough time when I bought it (work stress and no sleep), so my skin was a nightmare. Now that my life is kind of calmed down, this toner is far too strong for my skin. I think it would be good if you have oily skin and are prone to breakouts or else have younger skin. I am pretty sure high school or college me would have really enjoyed this toner. (Actually, college me was the reason I started using this 8 years ago...)

I used to use the AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser back in the day and I found it to be light, but effective. Actually, when I was searching for that Amazon link just now, it's a SUPER cheap price, so I'm considering buying one myself.

I haven't tried the new version of it, but honestly I think since my skin type changed this wouldn't be a good fit for my every day face wash, or even my face wash when I am having a break out.

Again, this line is REALLY good if you are prone to breakouts and have oily skin! (As I did in high school and college).

If you have a son or daughter who is going through this, I highly recommend you try these products before you go to something more expensive! These Etude House products were far less harsh on my skin than many of the American ones I used (like Proactiv) and worked about the same (just took a little more time to work).

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