[K-beauty] Clio Kill Black Brush Eyeliner

I found Clio Kill Black Brush Eyeliner a couple years ago and it's now my go-to.

I have oily double eyelids and my skin is closer to the darker hue of the two choices in a typical Korean makeup selection (ie. Missha Signature BB #23, Iope #23).

I have tried many liquid eyeliners, but it's kind of hard to find a good one that can withstand the humidity and heat of a Korean summer and is easy to apply for me with my very novice drawing skills.

Clio Kill Black Brush Eyeliner
- Thin tip, very easy to use for the non makeup artists among us.
- If you mess up, don't worry! You can get that off before it dries!
- If it dries, better luck next time because you'll have to get out that eye makeup remover
- True black that doesn't fade throughout the day
- Does not rub off (after it's dry)
- Good for oily eyelids! No panda eyes!

Up until that point, I had been using SHISEIDO Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liquid Eyeliner, which I started using after my Japanese friend highly recommended it.

After a while, I realized that the Majolica Majorica eyeliner was just too hard to take off at night, because I'm lazy.

So, I tried to find an alternative that is rather permanent and stays on all day, but doesn't require me to scrub off my eyelids every day.

I found the  Clio Kill Black Brush Eyeliner  to be the best up to this point.
The brush has a really thin tip, so it's really good to get precision lines. The color is also a good shade of black for me, it's a really dark black...like a TRUE, true black. I have spent many a day in Olive Young sampling all the liquid black eyeliners and then went next door to the Etude, Innisfree, Faces Shop, etc. and looked at how the colors changed on my hand as I left the store to daylight and let me say, this is the only one that passes the black test. The others kind of end up being dark grey or getting washed out.

At the same time, I did the rub test. I rubbed my fingers around the sample spots on my hand and this one showed no impact, even as my finger maybe got a little sweaty (TMI).

I have tried other brands and they dried out way too quickly. This one is the perfect amount of time. It does dry out, but within the printed expiration date after opening.

And, seriously! Eye health is REALLY important. If you don't believe in expiration dates for something like face cream or blush or something, I don't blame you, but I would never put something that is past the window near my eye. Your skin constantly regenerates, but your set of eyes are the only functioning set of eyes you'll get.

That aside, I personally prefer a brush liner to a pen liner, but again, it's personal preference. I feel like the pen doesn't give me as much control. The spongy, for lack of a better word, tip just seems to be pushing around and can get bent out of shape (maybe I'm doing it wrong?)

Even though the Clio Kill Black Brush Eyeliner is permanent, from experience, you can easily remove it when it's still wet. There won't be any remnants of your mistake.

That being said, the eyeliner does dry pretty quickly. I have previously used the Missha M Black Art Liquid Pen Liner, but that one dried kind of slowly. So, if I blinked, I got the awkward line on my eyelid crease (I have double eyelids). Also, that one worked well for a while, but I noticed on my second pen, that it kind of cracks off midday, which is kind of annoying.

I haven't had that problem with the Kill Black and I'm on my fourth or fifth pen.

It is usually around 15,000 KRW, but recently I've been lucking out and have been finding it for about 12,000 KRW on sale at Olive Young.

They do have brick and mortar stores that sell only their products, but the prices are usually a bit higher than at Olive Young. The only difference is at the Clio Professional store, you will get some more tailored brand advice and then when you purchase your product, you'll get some samples.

I have also been able to get the "free gift with purchase" boxes for my past 2 purchases.
One was a free mini mascara and the second was the free mini eye and lip makeup remover.

The mini mascara is great because it's the perfect size to just keep in my purse.
The remover is a perfect size for traveling, so I'm all set.

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