[Costco Korea] Iope Air Natural Glow Cushion Set (includes: compact, 2 refills, and 3 additional puffs)

Attention Costco Korea members (or friends of members)! You can get this giant set of Iope Natural Glow Air Cushion products for only 48,000 KRW!

This is a crazy good deal! It is one of the compacts (with the cushion and puff included), 2 refills (including the puff) and 3 additional puffs.
You can choose between N21 and N23. I use N23.

I personally bought my set for what I thought was a great price at one of those "foreigner only" stores. I got it for about 30,000 KRW, I believe. My set was 1 compact and 2 refills. However, mine was the "old model" so it's no longer possible for me to buy refills for mine.

I just price checked and color checked the new line (the one pictured above) at Aritaum. It's 42,000 KRW for just the compact. (I'm dumb and forgot to check the price of the refill, I got flustered because the saleslady came over and started asking me so many questions and I was the only one in the store.)

I have been faithfully using it every day for my afternoon touch-up since 2016 and it is somehow still going strong.

In the meantime, I have experimented with other brands' cushion products (like Missha, Innisfree, etc).
However, I have found that the Iope Air Cushion lasts the longest in terms of product in the compact and also on my face. Actually, for a while when I was traveling, I only brought my Iope. (I usually do a combination BB and foundation).

The coverage of the Natural Glow Air Cushion is pretty good, it covers all my blemishes. I would say it's about medium to high coverage, like in between. It's not as high coverage as my old compact, but it does accomplish what I want.

Also, I'm prone to oily skin, so some of the "moisture" products make me look really really shiny, which I know is a Korean look, but it's not my look. So, I was happy that this one made me look just the right amount of moisturized, if that's a thing, without looking too matte. The new line also has "W" and "C" colors - "W" is for the warmer hues and "C" is for the cooler hues. 

That's about all I can say about it. It does what it says it will do. Gives good, if not complete coverage, and lasts a long time, while still moisturizing and providing me UV protection.

The one annoying thing I have noticed about cushions, it's probably a personal laziness problem, is that the product gets stuck around the edges. So, after the middle part doesn't give you as much product as you want, you kind of have to go around to the edges and push. But then, the first time you do that, you get a HUGE excess of product.

Oh the one difference between my set and the one at Costco is that the refills don't come in their own boxes. I'm kind of OCD about the cleanliness and sterility of my brand new products, so I'd definitely want to have a couple of zipper bags or something ready as soon as I open the plastic packaging.

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