[K-beauty] Aritaum Apricot Seed Peel Off Mask

I have been using the Aritaum Apricot Seed Peel Off Mask for a few months now (hence the product on the outside of the cap) and thought I'd share my opinions now.

Since the Elizavecca Hell-Pore Clean-Up Mask is famous these days, I decided to let you know about this alternative.

I had a sample of the Elizavecca one because I bought some of the nose strips one time. While it is painful, it is actually NOT THAT EFFECTIVE~! It is just remarkable because it hurts to peel off, which is notable, but doesn't mean that it is good.

Anyway, this Aritaum one is about half the price (plus, I bought it during an up to 50% off sale (click here for road shop sale advice) at Aritaum sale and, since it's Aritaum brand it was definitely 50% off!). I believe I paid something like 4250 KRW for it.

Sometimes with peel off masks, it's not possible to peel off the mask completely, so I end up just washing off the mask, which defeats the purpose. The peel off mask is supposed to pull out the whiteheads and blackheads out of your pores.

This Aritaum one peels off in one sheet if you follow the instructions. Unfortunately, the instructions for use on the tube are only available in Korean.

Instructions for use:
After washing your face in the evening and applying emulsion (or lotion), apply the face mask, eing careful around your eyes and mouth. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes. The amount you should use is about the diameter of 2.5 cm and it is recommended you use the mask 1-2 times per week.

From my own experience, the lotion step is critical!!! If you don't put the emulsion/lotion on first, then it'll just peel off in teeny little chunks and will be such a pain in the butt.

When I am able to peel it off in huge sheets (usually one whole sheet), you can visibly see it removing the whiteheads from my pores.

This pack is supposed to leave your skin really smooth.

The scent is kind of fruity, really like apricots mixed with some citrus.
It includes natural ingredients like apricot seed oil, mandarin orange extract, walnut shell powder, and cacao extract.

FYI It does include some walnut components, so if you have an allergy, steer clear!

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