[Seoul - Sadang] Weizen Haus/Weizen House Beer Hall

Weizen Haus (Weizen House) at Sadang is a German beer hall-style pub in Seoul.

Met my friend in Sadang because of its convenience. I had just found this "Craft Beer House" online and wanted to try it out.

When we got there, it was pretty empty. This place is pretty new, so there were about 10 people total...more workers than customers.

The place seats about 200?

It was pretty loud...the music was blasting. Considering the average age of the customers was roughly 48, I am not sure why the music was hip hop club music, but that was the music atmosphere.
My friend and I both knew our beer preferences. I went for the IPA (5900KRW) and my friend went for the Weiss (5400KRW).

The IPA was not bad, but it wasn't that good. So far, my favorite IPA in Korea is probably from Magpie (because I haven't tried Galmaegi in Busan yet).

My friend's weiss was...interesting. It was very sweet and reminded me of some sort of childhood candy, one I cannot remember the name of at the moment.

They do offer a sampler if you want to try four of their brews (all but the IPA) for 14000.

I also just noticed the typo in the Craft Beer Liter menu - the Harry Poter is the Porter, sorry Harry Potter fans.

We actually ate at a buffet right before this, so I don't know what we were thinking...except #YOLO.

Because it's Korea, we had to order anju (or food to eat with the beer). We decided on tacos just because it was the cheapest thing on the menu. I ended up taking them home for the next day.
Sorry, forgot to take a picture of the food menu, but I think the tacos were about 6800?

The tacos were...interesting. They were chicken mayonnaise tacos and had a very strong lime flavor. They weren't bad, but weren't exactly good either.

Although I do not have the menu available for you to see, I can tell you they did have some other options.
There were many pizzas and the ever-present crowd favorite, fried chicken. Most tables had the fried chicken and it looked pretty good.

Sadang, if you haven't been, is in the southern part of Seoul. It's located where lines 2 and 4 connect. It is also a major commuters' area as many of the buses to Gyeonggi-do leave from here.

If you want to try Weizen Haus for yourself here are the directions:
From Sadang Station Exit 11, walk straight to the first street...about 20 meters. You'll be right there.

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