[NYC - FiDi] Harry's Italian (Great Value Bottomless Brunch)

One of the best value brunches I have ever eaten in NYC is at Harry's Italian in Battery Park.

You get your choice of an entree, coffee or tea, and unlimited mimosas/bloody Mary's for $20.95.

The food portions are quite generous! For the price, we were expecting smaller portions, but we all left very full with leftovers.

The frittata was so-so. I don't think I would order it again. Sadly, this was my selection because I really love frittata.

We all shared each others' selections.

I would definitely recommend the eggs in a saddle (steak and egg sandwich) and the prosciutto and arugula pizzette.

You definitely get a FULL steak sandwich (above) with plenty of fries and salad.

And the pizza, is also full-sized.

Those two were definitely enough to share between two, but everyone must order an entree to do the bottomless brunch.

The mimosa is so-so. They don't make the mimosa with champagne. They use white wine instead.

The bloody Mary was also ok, but not super great.

But, for $20.95, can you really complain that much? I don't think so.

If/when I go back again, I would definitely want to try some of their other pizzette combinations (probably in addition to making someone else at my table order the prosciutto and arugula one).

Take the 2/3 to Wall Street or the A/C/J/Z/4/5 to Fulton Street.

The address is: 2 Gold Street (between Platt Street and Maiden Lane)

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