[Seoul - Itaewon/Noksapyeong] Takeout Drawing Cafe and Gallery

After dinner at Trevia, my friend and I stopped at Takeout Drawing for some very creative/artistic, albeit somewhat expensive, cafe beverages.

I really like this cafe. It's got a really chill vibe. Unlike a lot of cafes in Seoul, it's quite quiet and reserved. I could really see spending a nice afternoon here, getting some work done or reading a nice book.

Another great thing about Takeout Drawing is it's part gallery! So, you can take a peek at some art pieces as you sip your beverage or eat a delicious cake.

We ordered a couple of the signature drinks:
Paul's Meringue Factory 폴의 머랭공장 - 7000KRW
White Peony Latte 백차 라떼 - 7000KRW

The Paul's Meringue Factory was very visually appealing, but was quite difficult to eat. Unlike many places in Seoul, the espresso was quite good. The meringue was fluffy and added an extra dimension to the espresso. Still not entirely sure how you are supposed to eat/drink (?) this properly. My friend and I ended up trying to cut parts of the meringue with the spoon. Guess, we should have asked for instructions. Oh well, maybe next time.

The tea latte was very nice, too. Very well balanced and well thought out.
It was not overly milky.

The cafe collaborates with some of the artist residents in designing cafe beverages. For these beverages, check out the "Drawing Menu." These items are equally visually- and palate-pleasing, I'm sure.
We went to the top floor of the cafe. There are many seats on each floor, so I think there will be ample space. There are also some seats outdoors, for when the weather is nicer.

I can definitely see myself coming back here often.

Some other drinks I'm looking forward to trying:
Iceberg Macchiato 빙산 마키아또 - 6000KRW
Mee Late 미아 라떼 - 8000KRW (espresso, coffee jelly)
Paper Ale 페이퍼 에일 - 8000KRW
Stormy Ant 폭풍개미 - 7000KRW (black sesame latte)
Flower, bloomed from ashes hot chocolate 국火쵸코 - 8000KRW (chrysanthemum hot chocolate)

If you cannot decide, they do offer a 3-course menu, 13000KRW. This includes an espresso, a white peony latte, and an espresso dessert.

Next time, I also hope to not be so full. The cakes and other bakery items looked great. Even though I was very full on pizza and paninis, I was even considering ordering cake.

From Noksapyeong Station (Line 6) exit 2, walk straight and cross the street.
Keep walking straight past Swit.B and Doughnut Plant and the IBK Bank.
It will be on your right, right before you get to The Bakers Table.

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