[Seoul - Edae] Man's Waffle Coffee (Green Tea Waffle)

I was so excited when I heard there was a NEW waffle shop in town. SO, I definitely had to check out Man's Waffle near Ewha University.

There were about sixteen varieties of waffles to choose from (I forgot to take a picture of the menu, sorry) and the waffles ranged in price from 6,000KRW to 7,000KRW.
You have the option of adding a pretty large Americano for a very reasonable choice. The Americano was actually pretty okay. 
The shop is very small. There are about 8 chairs inside the shop (3 tables) and then a couple of chairs outside.
The toppings and waffles are all homemade, which is pretty crazy if you think of it.
My friend said the owner used to work for the Shilla Hotel before opening this shop.
Each waffle is served with a scoop of Hagen Dazs ice cream! (Choose between green tea, vanilla, and chocolate) and one waffle is enough for 2 people to share, but you can definitely (and should) order one per person. They're THAT good.
We chose to get the green tea waffle. It is topped with a scoop of homemade red bean paste and the waffle batter is made with matcha powder.
The waffle is more savory, which balances well with the vanilla ice cream. :)
Next time, I kind of want to try the ricotta cheese waffle or soboro (streusel) or Oreo-topped waffles.
You should definitely check it out!
Location: From exit 2 of Edae station, walk straight towards the main gate. Then, at the Baskin Robins, turn left and walk straight towards the next crossing. Man's Waffle should be on your right!

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  1. We went here too! It was so good!

  2. Thanks for stopping by!
    The waffles are so good and the owner is SUPER nice!


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