[Seoul - Chungdam] Sulbing Korean Dessert Cafe - Mango Cheese Bingsu

Summertime in Seoul means it's bingsu season. Sulbing is a rapidly expanding dessert cafe chain specializing in bingsu.

My friend and I decided to try the seasonal flavor, Mango Cheese.

My friend and I visited the Chungdam location just because we ate at the Jil'hal Bros restaurant across the street and didn't want to walk too far for dessert, but there are many MANY locations throughout the country.

While we were there, a couple Korean singers came into the shop (not together), so this location may be good if you want to do some star watching/people watching.

The flavor was quite different than my usual, the Injeolmi Bingsu and was very refreshing on the 34 degree, 99.9999% humidity day.

The mangos are obviously not fresh, but they do add to the fluffy ice milk below.

My friend usually gets the cheese bingsu (read it as cheesecake topping), so she was quite happy with the amount of cheese we got on this bingsu.

The bingsu is topped with a scoop of plain frozen yogurt, which is great.

Unfortunately, there was a ridiculous amount of sugar crystals throughout this bingsu. My friend and I kept getting tricked into thinking the sugar crystals were ice, but nope, just huge chunks of sugar. I'm not sure if this is usual or if it was because of the specific location we visited.

I often get surprised by the amount of sugar in Korean desserts because all my Korean friends say that American desserts are far too sweet, but I always find Korean desserts to be SUPER sweet...and they keep getting sweeter and sweeter every year.

This was a nice change, but I would definitely stick with my usual.

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