[Seoul - Dongdaemun] Bonggu Beer (봉구비어) - Fruit-flavored Draft Beer and Fries

Bonggu Beer (봉구비어) is a chain of beer and fries pubs (?) that popped up a few years ago.
It was famous at first for it's draft "cream beer" and frites.

This time, my friend and I opted to try one of the fruit-flavored draft cream beers (4,000KRW) each and shared the large fries with 2 dipping sauces (5,000KRW).

I got the Green Grape Beer (청포도맛) and my friend got the Grapefruit Beer (자몽맛). The Grapefruit Beer at Double Trouble in Gangnam is much better, but you can't beat the price here.

There are many other flavors of fruity beers, so just have a try.

Otherwise, if you prefer, you can get the original cream beer for just 3,000KRW.

The fries and cheese sticks at Bonggu Beer are quite nice.

With an order of the large fries, you can choose two flavors of dipping sauces. We got the Garlic Sauce and the Creamy Onion Sauce. They're pretty good, but there is a long list of other flavors to choose from.

We were at the location in Dongdaemoon, but there are locations all around Korea. Some of the more convenient locations for travelers are in Gangnam and Hongdae.

Leave a comment if you are planning a trip and want to know where a convenient locations is for your planning purposes.

Or, if you go to school at SNU or are in the Sillim area, check out Endeavor Frites.

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