[Seoul - Jamsil] Uncles Dduk (Blooming Squid Ddukbokki) - MOST INSTAGRAMMABLE TTEOKBOKKI

Uncles Dduk (엉클스) capitalizes on the knowledge that we feast with our eyes.

Uncles produces food that is visually appealing (wowing, even) and also tastes pretty good adding to the trend of "visual" food.

The popular item is what I ordered, the blooming flower squid ddukbokki.
My friend and I ordered 2 servings of the jikhwa ddukbokki (직화떡볶이) (4500KRW each) and the squid (오징어 꽃이 피었습니다!) (7700KRW).

You get to choose your spice level. The gold level (1단계) is reportedly Shin Ramyun spicy x2, the orange level (2단계) is Shin Ramyun x4, and the red level (3단계) is Shin Ramyun x 100.

I have tried both the 1단계 and 2단계. 1단계 is pretty mild for me, but my friend was dying (she can't really do spice at alll...like she puts in half a packet of spice for Shin Ramyun). 2단계 was just the right amount of spice for me...didn't kill me or make me sweat (those are my indicators). I'm honestly a little scared to try the 3rd level, so if you do it and survive, let me know how it was!

When it arrives at the table, the worker lights the burner below and the food begins to heat up. When it gets sufficiently hot, make sure to put out the flame otherwise, the dduk might get stuck to the bottom of the pan.

After you take your pictures of the squid, take the provided tongs and scissors and cut it up and enjoy!

The squid is actually prepared really well. The batter gets very nice and crispy when it comes out and the squid isn't chewy, like sometimes happens at twigim places.

This is actually a ton of food, so be prepared with a sufficiently empty stomach or be okay with leaving some food at the end.

Here's the menu. There aren't that many choices.
Page 1: Step 1 - choose the ddukbokki base
For the ddukbokki choices there are certain toppings that go well with the two different flavors.
They recommend choosing the top one if you are going to do the squid, samgyup, or buffalo chicken wings.

The recommend the bottom one if you are going to choose the beef steak cubes.

The difference between the two prices is without cheese (4500 per serving) and with cheese (6400 per serving).

You do have to order at least two servings (so annoying).

Page 2:
Step 2: Choose your topping
If you chose the top dduk on the first page your three options:
오징어 꽃이 피었습니다 - The squid flower has bloomed! (7700KRW)
270파삼겹 - Pork samgyupsal (7700KRW)
버팔로파윙 - Chicken buffalo wings (8800KRW)

If you chose the bottom dduk on the first page:
소고기 스테이크 큐브 - Beef steak cubes (9900KRW)

Step 3: Save room for the rice balls (날치알 주먹밥 2500KRW)
The rice balls are topped with fish roe and taste great with the leftover sauce (I've heard...I have failed every time to leave room for it.)

Bonus: If you share a picture of your food on SNS - KakaoStory, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram - you get a free cider (lemon lime soda).

I have been to the Lottle World location, but the original location is in Sinchon and there is another popular location in Hongdae. More and more locations keep popping up.

The Lotte World location is not quite as busy as the others, you rarely have to wait in line/
It's located down the food alley (B1 floor) by the Lotteria.

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