[Seoul - Itaewon/Noksapyeong] Trevia (트레비아) - Pizza and Panini

We went to Trevia the other day, near Noksapyeong Station/Gyeongridan-Gil, to satisfy our pizza craving.

My friend had been here before and highly recommended it and it definitely lived up to expectations.

My friend warned that the pizzas are kind of small, so we each should order a pizza and probably get something else.

It's pretty popular, so expect a wait, especially on weekends. Even though we went on a Saturday night, we waited only 10-15 minutes. Just add your name to the clipboard at the front door and take a seat. They have their menu posted outside so you can figure out what you want before you go inside.

There are seats for maybe 30 people, including a large table at the back.
My friend and I were seated at the back table and a little after us a couple was awkwardly sat at our table, who seemed annoyed by our presence.

The menu is available in English and Korean, so no language worries there.
The main draws are the lasagna and the margherita pizzas.

Good news for those of us with lactose sensitivities, there are "no cheese" options!

We opted to get the Margherita Pizza (5500KRW), the No Cheese Mushroom Pizza (5500KRW), and the Homemade Basil Pesto Panini (9000KRW).

I would definitely recommend you try the Margherita Pizza and the Pesto Panini.

The pesto is homemade and you can tell.

I would probably pass on the mushroom pizza next time, even though it's cheese-free. It was just a little dry.

The pizzas are thin and we definitely had the right amount of food for the two of us.

That couple seated next to us ordered 2 pizzas and a lasagna and it seemed like it was the right amount of food, too.

Noksapyeong Station (line 6) exit 2.
As you know the crosswalk situation is a little confusing here, but Trevia is located across the street, very near the Street Churros store and the Taco Chili Chili restaurant.

It's located right on the main street, so don't turn down any back alleys.

If you walk to the crosswalk across from SwitB and Standing Coffee, head back towards the station one street and Trevia will be on your left.

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