[Seoul - Garosugil] Cafe Able - Round 2 for Brunch

Even years after my first visit, I still really enjoy having brunch at Cafe Able in Garosugil. It is still as popular as ever for weekend brunch, so plan ahead accordingly.

A few weekends ago, a high school friend was visiting from Busan. She's never really been to Seoul, so I had to take her on a little tour of Garosugil for brunch.

Still loving the farm-to-table concept and clean/modern decor.

I decided to branch out a little this time, opting for a pizza rather than my regular breakfast entrees (I recommend the Eggs Benedict and Frittata).

I ordered the Able Fresh Thin Pizza (11000KRW). My friend ordered the Apple Ham Cheese Sandwich (9800KRW). 

The pizza was definitely thin. It is topped with sweet cream, thinly sliced apples, dried currants, almonds, and cinnamon and there was some parmesan cheese sprinkled on top to add a little extra flavor. The texture was nice and the flavors were a nice balance between sweet and savory. Although it was so thin, it I was still unable to finish it.

I asked for a box and was given a hilariously large box for so few leftover pieces.

My friend really enjoyed her sandwich and greens. I thought it was good, but really not amazing. I think it had just been a while since she had a good sandwich.

Out of everything I've had at Cafe Able, I still think I prefer the Frittata for a wholesome brunch entree, but it is good to know there are other options available if someone in your party (or you) are not in the mood for brunch on the weekend.

Sinsa Station (line 3), exit 8.
It is located by the elementary school next to Garosu-gil. From Garosu-gil, turn right at the Coffee Bean, behind the Forever 21.

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