[Seoul - Gangnam] Double Trouble - Chicken and Waffles and Grapefruit Beer

Following the recommendation from my coworker, I met my friend for dinner at Double Trouble in Gangnam.

My coworker highly recommended the Grapefruit Beer (8.5), so we obviously ordered one.

The Grapefruit Beer was pretty good and I guess I can see why it's famous here, but I am not sure if I would order it again.

I think it's a very Korean flavor, by that I mean it matches Korean flavor preferences. I think it is actually made from real grapefuit, which was a pleasant surprise since I kind of expected it to have been made with syrup, but there was some grapefruit pulp in the glass.
We also ordered the Parmesan Truffle Fries (6.5).

I usually really like parmesan truffle fries, but these were kind of unremarkable.

The thing I did like about them, though, is that they were super skinny shoestring fries and were, as a result, crispy.
We also got the WMC (Waffle, Maple Syrup, Chicken) (15.0) AKA the main draw for me, the chicken and waffles. The WMC much sweeter than my friend and I anticipated. I kind of assumed it would be a buttermilk waffle and chicken, but the waffle was very sugary.

However, this was much better than a chicken and waffles I had in York, England (I just realized I never blogged about that meal). The chicken was 

The potatoes were really good, though.

I would probably get it again.

From exit 11 of Gangnam Station, walk straight to the CGV and climb the hill to the third street and turn right. Double Trouble will be on your left (B1 Floor)

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