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[Seoul - Chungdaml] Jil'Hal Bros - Chicken over Rice (Korean version of Halal Guys)

I was excited to learn that a place just opened in Chungdam, Seoul that tried to replicate the Halal Guys experience and flavor.

My friend I decided to go check it out.

Everyone who has been to NYC and tried the famous Halal Guys Chicken Over Rice knows what I mean when I say that I crave that flavor from time to time...

The last time my friend and I met was actually a couple of years ago in NYC and we had Halal Guys together, so it was only fitting that we would go to Jil'hal Bros together.

The price isn't bad, 6500KRW for a chicken over rice, but you definitely get far less food than at the trusty ole cart.

As you can see, the rice was a bit that I mean it was really off. It wasn't that great orange color that I was expecting to see.

They also put far to much sauce on it for me and my friend's liking. If I go again, I will ask for the sauce on the side.

There was just something off about the flavor of the rice. At first my friend and I thought that the white sauce was the weird flavor, but it was actually the rice. It had a very perfume-y flavor, kind of like how Carmex tastes (?).

The chicken was good, though.

It was passable, but not quite what we were expecting/craving.

I would probably go back if my craving gets super intense, but until then, I will just wait for my next trip back to NYC.

Location: From Exit 9 of Chungdam Station, walk straight until you get to the Chungdam 4-way intersection. Cross the street and turn right. Walk straight to the second street and then turn left, it'll be right after the Hana Bank. At the first street, turn right and walk straight. The restaurant should be on your right.

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