[Seoul - Gangnam] Double Trouble Part 2 - Grilled Cheese, Mango Salad, Potato Bomb

This is Part 2 of the Gangnam Double Trouble experience. Read the Part 1 post here

Went back to Double Trouble with some other friends and decided to try some of the other menu items.

We ordered the Mango Salmon Salad (8.5). This was pretty light and refreshing. Since it was like 99.75% humidity and like 34 degrees outside, this was exactly what we needed.
We also tried the Double Trouble sandwich (13.0). This is a crazy sandwich. It's like three slices of white bread with a hamburger patty, cheese, and crispy American bacon (!!). It has a grilled cheese (cheddar) base and it's their main menu item.

This is pretty heavy, so the Mango Salmon Salad balanced it out pretty well.
We also ordered the Potato Bomb (9.9). This is one of their other "claim to fame" menu items. It's waffle fries topped with chili sauce (kind of more tomato sauce than chili, in my opinion), sour cream, and a fried egg.

The fries were crispy, but I was hoping for a little more spice.

I would probably order these again.

(Not pictured): Two of my friends ordered a Mango Ade (6.5). These were definitely a healthy portion size, so probably ample to share between two people.

Read about the WMC (Chicken and Waffles), Parmesan Truffle Fries, and Grapefruit Beer here.

From exit 11 of Gangnam Station, walk straight to the CGV and climb the hill to the third street and turn right. Double Trouble will be on your left (B1 Floor)

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