[Seoul - Sillim] Boy's Recipe (소년의 레시피) - Pizza and Pasta

I met my friend the other night in our neighborhood at Boy's Recipe in Sillim to catch up over pizza and pasta

The restaurant recently moved locations to a much larger store. My friend had been to the previous location and noted how much larger the new location was. There are about 20 seats inside the restaurant and about 8 seats outside, facing the stream. I can imagine that the outdoor seats will be really nice on a cool evening.
We ordered the shrimp rose pasta 새우로제 (11,000KRW). I was pleasantly surprised that Boy's Recipe mastered the balance of cream and tomato sauce. Often times, Korean rose sauces are overly creamy. This pasta was also not oily, something I have definitely missed about pasta in general. It also had broccoli!!!
On an aside, the sweet pickles that accompany pizzas and pastas in Korea, I have been told by two separate people, are there to soak up the oil from the pizza and pasta. If that actually works or if it is actually true, its yet to be discovered.
We also ordered the Earth Pizza 지구 (16,000KRW). It is topped with arugula, tomato slices, tomato sauce, grana pandano and mozzarella cheeses, and some sliced nuts (almonds).
They also have a pretty good selection of dessert pizzas, beers, and salads.
Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the menu and it is available Korean only.
I recommend going there and just checking it out. :)
Just choose your favorite celestial body and you will not go wrong pizza-wise.
Sillim Station (line 2) go out exit 3. Walk straight. At the Paris Baguette, turn right. Walk straight across the Sillim Bridge across the stream and, on the other side of the stream, turn left and walk about half a block. The restaurant will be there on your right.

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