[St. Paul - Frogtown] iPho by Saigon- Vietnamese Pho

If you're traveling around in the Twin Cities and have a hankering for pho, stop by iPho by Saigon in St. Paul's Frogtown neighborhood.

This is located right by the Green Line station (Dale Street).

The food here is really reasonably priced and the service is quick!

The pho is not the most flavorful I have had in my entire life, but it is very comforting and served steaming hot.

I have had the chicken pho and the steak pho and both are quite nice. There are three sizes of pho available: regular ($7.25), extra large ($7.95), and jumbo ($9.50). I would say the jumbo size is quite comical, so if you want to have something massive, order that! Otherwise, for us normal eaters, the regular size i definitely sufficient.

The banh mi is also quite nice and the price is very cheap ($3-$5).

They do pretty good takeout business and they prepare the food to order.

There is ample parking in the lot, but it is convenient to the Green Line Station, between Dale St. and Victoria Street.

704 University Avenue W, St. Paul, MN

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