[Seoul - Insadong] Ssamziegil Shopping Center (인사동 쌈지길)

If you're going to Seoul, I'm sure Insa-dong is on your list of must-sees.

While you're touring the traditional Korean cultural items, make sure to stop by the Ssamziegil Shopping Center.

This is one of the newer attractions in Insadong, a street known for a glimpse into traditional Korean culture and art.

Insadong may not be an extremely exciting place to bring kids and teens while you are shopping for antiques. But, luckily, there are a bunch of cafes and cute places in the area for them to check out while you're looking at traditional art.

One of these places that is pretty popular among young people is Ssamziegil.
I really like going here because I really like the contrast between traditional and modern. The design of Ssamziegil is very modern and has a open-air market sort of feel, but with individual stores (complete with air conditioning).

The concept is that this Ssamziegil is a twisty traditional path/street around Insadong. You can follow the path from the bottom to the rooftop, where you can see some great views of Jongro.

I really like taking a look at the fresh designs in the 70 shops. There are traditional and modern arts, fashion items, books, and restaurants. You are sure to find something of interest to everyone in your party! There are a mix of small artisans and small businesses and a few of the more general street stall-type items.

The stores on the bottom level were actually original shops in Insadong and the Ssamziegil mall was built around them.

Poop Bread Stand
Also, of note, is the bread kiosk right inside the entryway. The kids will definitely enjoy buying these red-bean paste buns in the shape of poop. They are a little expensive, but the novelty of the shape is worth it.

I apologize for the pictures. They are pretty old, so the prices are going to be outdated...and I cropped the photo to get rid of my really bad haircut/perm. (Everyone's had one once, right?)

Anguk Station (Exit 6)

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