[Seoul - Insadong] Poop Bread (똥빵) - Novelty Bread at Ssamziegil

Although I introduced the Poop Bread on the Ssamziegil post, I thought it prudent to introduce it in a separate post.

That's right, you can get Poop Bread in Insadong. It is called 똥빵 (똥= ddong, poop, 빵= ppang, bread).

I really like collecting and experiencing unique/hilarious food, like the HUGE donkatsu in Myeongdong, so you have to know poop bread was on my list of eats.

You can get one big poop for 1,000 KRW or small ones at 4 for 2,000 KRW.

You can find it right inside the Ssamziegil Shopping Center's main door.

The picture below is circa 2009 and it was taken on a flip phone. Please applaud it doing it's very best.

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