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[Seoul - Gangnam] I Have A Dream - Strawberry Pizza (Gangnam Restaurant 아이해브어드림)

I Have A Dream is a nice blind date spot and jazz bar by Gangnam station - directly at the station.

Following on the theme of strawberry foods, I wanted to let you know about the strawberry pizza at I Have A Dream, a cute little bar/restaurant right at Gangnam Station. There are live jazz performances and it is a great sogaeting (Korean blind date) location.

My friend and I did not know it was going to be such a couple-y restaurant, but whatever. We were there for the food and it's Korea, where every place is pretty couple-y.

We met after work one evening and we were happy to find there was no line. It was pretty busy, but there were still some tables available.

It's a cute cafe by day, but transforms into a cosy wine bar with live jazz in the evenings.

I convinced my friend that we needed to try the strawberry pizza (Fragola; 13,000KRW), the item for which I Have A Dream is famous. She was a little hesitant because, it turns out, she thought it was going to have regular pizza toppings like tomatoes and pizza cheese.

The strawberry flavor is very pronounced and sweet, so it doesn't seem like you're even eating pizza, but, at the same time, it does not taste like a dessert pizza. It is a great, unique treat! I highly recommend it for something different!

We also got pasta, but I can't find the picture, sorry. It was a carbonara pasta (11,000KRW), but not the most famous one. I was a little worried about this one, but the cream was not too heavy, which is GREAT!

If you want to just get what they are known for, order the Piacevole cena (18000KRW), which is made with fresh seafood, vegetables, and pasta and served in a very visually-appealing fondue pot.
The ambiance is very cosy and romantic (?). I could definitely see going back for some wine some night.

It is actually pretty quiet, which is very surprising since it's right in Gangnam, and there are TONS of chairs available. The main dining room, where we were seated, is actually two floors. We were on the main floor, where the stage is located.

The owner is very nice. If you tell him you got this information from an American blog, he may give you a discount! We talked to him and he gave us a discount and some vouchers to enter their wine party for free.

I highly recommend trying I Have A Dream, even if it's not date night for you. The prices are very good considering the location and the quality of the food and atmosphere!

The items reminded me a lot of the ones I had at Battery Park in Myungdong with my unni. So, if you are ever north of the Han, check out Battery Park, for us south of the Han people I Have A Dream is where it's at!

Location:Gangnam Station Exit 11.
Don't even exit the station, follow the little tunnel and you'll see signs for various restaurants, including I Have A Dream (B3)

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