[Seoul - Hapjeong] Mecenatpolis Mall - Great atmosphere, peaceful shopping

The Mecenatpolis Mall in Hapjeong opened pretty recently and became one of my favorite places to hangout and meet friends because of its very convenient location, great design, and large variety of cafes and restaurants.

The design is super great. It's an open-air design with swooping lines of each floor.

I also really enjoy how they decorate it! There is a rotating display of umbrellas hanging between the corridors of the mall.

On the first floor corridor, there are pools with wire animal sculptures in them, which make them very popular with young children. My favorite sculpture is the elephant! It's so cute! In the summer, you will see children playing in the pool, keeping cool.

There's also a nice garden area, which is a perfect place for you to sit and enjoy your coffee.

There are about 90 shops, cafes, and restaurants in Mecenatpolis (View list here, in Korean). This is also one of my favorite places to go to Chatime! I am very partial to Gongcha, but I also enjoy a Chatime bubble tea from time to time!

Pretty much all of the Korean makeup brands have stores right as you exit the subway station, which makes it a very convenient place for you to pop in, get what you need and then leave.

There are a few specialty stores including children's clothing stores, sporting goods stores, and candle shops. I also really like going here for the Uniqlo, 8 seconds, and Top 10. There is also a MUJI! I just love going to Muji and looking at their stationary and home accessories.

For more daily life-type shopping, there is a HomePlus right in the mall, making it also very convenient.

If you're an avid KPOP fan, the Mecenatpolis Mall is attached to an apartment, which is home to many stars including Big Bang, Infinite, A-Pink, and Beast (B2ST). So, stopping by Mecenatpolis Mall may be worth your while.

It is located right at exit 9 of Hapjeong station, which makes it a great place to meet friends from Incheon, since the bus stop outside services most locations in Incheon.

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