[Seoul - Samcheongdong] Chloris Tea Garden Brunch - Samcheongdong

Chloris Tea Garden is one of my favorite brunch places in Seoul, a close second to Cafe Able in Garosugil.

There are a few Chloris locations around Seoul, but I highly recommend stopping at the Chloris Tea Garden location in Samcheongdong.

Chloris was one of the first brunch places in Seoul, actually. I have been coming here since 2009 or so for consistently good food and cafe drinks.

Chloris is also very famous for its Royal Milk Tea (6,500 KRW) and Milk Tea Bingsu (9,000 KRW). We also got the Iced Lemongrass (6,500 KRW).

I had a hot milk tea with my brunch just because it's so nice, not overly sweet. I had the bingsu previously, because I am a major fan of all things bingsu and it does not disappoint.

The Iced Lemongrass was a very unique, refreshing flavor. I highly recommend it, especially on a hot day.

The brunch menu is available from 10AM until 4PM (click to enlarge) and the prices are pretty reasonable and the portion sizes are pretty generous, especially by Korean brunch standards.

We ordered two brunch items for 3 people.

We ordered the French Toast Set (12,000 KRW). This comes with eggs, side salad, bacon-wrapped sausage, and two thick slices of french toast.

The bacon-wrapped sausage has to be one of the stranger brunch items I've eaten, but it was not terrible.

The scrambled eggs were also done perfectly, not runny and not chewy.

We also got the Scone and Scrambled Egg Set.

This one was nice, too. It was a little lighter than the French toast set.

The scone was dense, but fluffy. The flavor was light, but savory.

You are served some strawberry jam and butter alongside the scone.

There is a nice selection of loose teas and beautiful tea sets available for purchase.

Samcheongdong - Anguk Station

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