[Saint Paul] Mim's Cafe - Cheap, fast food on UMN St. Paul Campus

I just love Mim's Cafe in Saint Paul, right by the Saint Paul Student Center on the University of Minnesota's Saint Paul Campus.

As an undergradute student at the University of Minnesota's College of Biological Sciences, I had classes on the Saint Paul Campus every semester. I always made a point to go to Mim's for their great, fresh food and friendly service.

Even though the restaurant may seem a little dingy, don't worry! They may not know how to decorate, but they sure know how to make really delicious, tasty food that fit every college student's budget.

The food is always made-to-order, so it is always served at the proper temperature.
For example, the burger we ordered was so hot, it was steaming and we had to wait a little to eat it.

I really like getting the falafel platter ($5.61). It is a great mix of flavors and comes with pieces of warmed pita, homemade hummus (available for purchase by the tub), small green salad, and three falafel balls.

The falafel is perfectly crisp and served hot and the hummus is creamy, but not watery.

I also highly recommend the tabbouleh ($2.50). It is very fresh and filling.

If you're not in the mood for Middle Eastern food and flavors, they've got you covered! You can get hamburgers or burritos, too.

The burgers are HUGE and hand-formed. The patties are a half-pound and are topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and your choice of cheese. The patties are juicy and tender and cooked to order.

We got a cheeseburger ($4.95). You can add homemade fries to make it a meal for an additional $1.50. They make the small batch to order, so your fries will always be hot and perfectly done!

So for a little bit more money than at McDonald's, you can get a fresh burger with hand-cut fries.

Hours are a little bit disappointing since Mim's is not open on the weekends, but it's a perfect place to go for a weekday lunch or snack.

Location: 1435 N Cleveland Ave

If you're on the Minneapolis/main campus of the University of Minnesota, I recommend jumping on the Campus Connector to the Saint Paul Student Center. After you get out, keep walking straight and cross the street!

It's right next to Lori's Coffeehouse, which is also a great place to study and meet friends!

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