[Saint Paul] Como Park Zoo and Conservatory - Sunken Garden

Even in the dead of winter, the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory's Sunken Garden is beautiful, peaceful, and warm. Seriously, look at that! Can you imagine the windchill was -40F that day?

We were there to see the baby orangutan, Kemala, but I always like looking at the gardens, too.

Plus, it's a great urban escape and an escape from the bitter cold outside.

To get to the sunken garden, follow the signs past the gift shop to get to the gardens. You will go through the ferns and other tropical gardens before you get to the door to this area.

There is a beautiful reflecting pond and they had just hosted a garden party to celebrate spring (har har).

I highly recommend stopping by sometime. Take some time out of your schedule to meditate in this peaceful place.

There are also a ton of activities for the kids and the zoo to explore.

It's free admission!

There's a bonsai exhibition and you can learn about the art of bonsai.

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