[Osaka - Dotonbori] Dotonbori at Night - Osaka's Eat Street

Dotonbori in Osaka is the quintessential Osaka view.
If you're planning on going to Osaka, make sure you stop by to have your picture with the Glico Running Man. It's a tourist must-do.

It is pretty crowded here pretty much all day long, but sometimes you are lucky and are able to get there when there are few tourists to get a good shot.

Throughout the year, they decorate the river that flows below the bridge. During the winter, there are lighted snowflakes and strings of lights over the river.

After you cross over the bridge, you get to the main eating and shopping street. You'll see a Forever 21 and H&M. I would definitely recommend stopping here during the sale season around the end of December to the beginning of January. 
When you walk down this street, you see the famous larger-than-life animal motifs. Like the crab pictured above and also the takoyaki octopus at Dotonbori Kukuru Honten, where I recommend you get your takoyaki (octopus balls) fix.

As I was wandering around, I found this fake Glico man with a Santa suit.
Maybe I should have stopped here and had my picture taken for next year's holiday card!? 

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