[All Rita's Locations Worldwide] Rita's Ice Custard - Free ice on first day of spring

Every year to celebrate the first day of spring, Rita's Ice Custard gives away free Italian ices! And...that day is tomorrow! Pictured is what I had last year!

This event is something to look forward to every year, from noon until 9PM.

Unlike Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's, there is not a huge line, typically

You can upgrade your Italian ice, like I did, and add some custard for $1.

I got the guava ice. I was a little disappointed with the flavor even though I'm a guava superfan.

I think mango may be the best flavor, especially combined with the custard.

Which flavor would you recommend??

I went to the Upper West Side location (2486 W Broadway at 92nd). Nearest subway 96th Street (1, 2, 3)

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