[Minneapolis] Afro Deli & Coffee - Sambusa

One of my favorite places to grab a quick meal on the go in Minneapolis is Afro Deli and Coffee.

It is so cheap and located conveniently right on West Bank (across from Carlson School of Management on 5th Street).

I highly recommend stopping by for a quick, cheap African and Halal meal. I typically get the sambusa, but there are plenty of other great options.

There is a very large Somali population in Minnesota and Minneapolis, which is great since you can easily try some authentic food! One place you can try Somali food is at Afro Deli on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota.

You can easily dine for less than $10 and get a full meal, including coffee and dessert.

If you are not familiar with sambusas, they are deep-fried Somali samosas, kind of like dumplings. At Afro Deli, there are three options: beef, chicken, and vegetarian. I got the beef this day, but I also highly recommend trying the vegetarian sambusa. All of them are very flavorful and filling. You get three per order, so you can definitely try all three flavors if you wish! (Price: 1 for $1.49, 3 for $3.99).

My friends of often get the Somali Steak Sandwich. This is very filling and quite popular, I am just never really in the mood for a sandwich. You can add fries to your sandwich for an additional $1.

Another great thing about AfroDeli is the fact that they cook everything to order!

Here is the link to the menu.

Parking can be a little difficult since it is street parking, but there are lots on the University of Minnesota campus and Afro Deli is also very close to the Green Line stop.

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  1. They prepare their food halal here , meaning the animal was sacrificed in a cruel, religious animal sacrifice ritual ! If you care for the ethical treatment of animals, do not eat here!


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