[Kobe - Sannomiya] Hair Studio Billy - English-Speaking Hair Stylists in Kobe

I was faced with the dilemma - where to get my haircut in Kobe without knowing Japanese or wait until I go back to Korea.

I was lucky enough to be referred to Billy Hair in Sannomiya by my co-workers at WHO.

I was a little hesitant to get my hair cut while I was in Japan, just because I really do not know Japanese. I was also a little worried because my hair does not have the same texture as Japanese hair and I did not really want a Japanese-style hair cut. But, my hair was far too long to put it off for any longer.

I asked my co-workers for some recommendations and they recommended Billy Hair to me. They recommended it very highly and I thought I would do the same for you!

The Japanese couple that runs this salon are SUPER nice and skilled at styling even the most difficult hair. They also speak English very fluently and are able to answer styling questions.

The hair studio is pretty easy to find if you're familiar with the Sannomiya area.

The price is also very nice, especially for the area! Some of my Japanese friends were also very impressed by the price and considered going there. It only costs 3000JPY for a great, professional cut and head massage.

The salon is named after the owners' dog and Billy makes an appearance in the shop.

Since the salon is quite small, make sure to make a reservation!

To make your appointment, email them at billyyasu2002@yahoo.co.jp and they will get back to you almost immediately.
The phone number is 078-391-5141. Call them if you get lost!


I would recommend asking them for some directions to the shop when you book your appointment.

It is pretty close to the main shopping arcade in Sannomiya. Go to the Patisserie Tooth Tooth. From there, turn right. Walk to the first side street/alley. It is in the first building and pretty nondescript. There is a small sign. Go in the stairway and go up to the second floor. You'll see a cute door and the decorations in the picture (above).

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hairstudiobilly
Official Site (Japanese Only): http://billy.ko-co.jp/

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