[Jeonju - Hanok Village] Twisted Breadsticks at Jeonju Hanok Village (전주 모정꽈배기)

Jeonju in Jeollabuk-do (North Jeolla Province) is a major food capital of Korea and is a center of traditional Korean culture. While you're there, make sure to get some of these twisted breadsticks!

전주 모정꽈배기 Mojung kkwabaegi (kkwabaegi means a twisted breadstick; these are handmade and fresh)

These are so YUMMY!

The shop (it's actually a food window) sells only these breadsticks and they are made freshly all day long.

It is really interesting and entertaining to watch the process of making the breadsticks. These ladies know what they're doing and they do it really well and really quickly.

When you get your bag the breadsticks are still hot!

Each bag is 2,000 KRW. Just tell the worker how many bags you want.

The breadsticks are nice and crisp. They are not sweetened or salted. So, it's a great, quick snack for your hanok tour.

I think they compliment the moju (Korean herbal alcohol) quite well. You can get moju many places in Jeonju, including the traditional alcohol museum.

Just keep a look out for this sign and get in line!

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