[Ganghwa Island] Chungnam Seosanjip 충남서산집 - Famous Horse Crab Stew

The last stop on my day trip to Ganghwa was to go to Chungnam Seosan Jip (충남서산집) to eat the famous horse crab stew (kkotgetang, 꽃게탕). It far surpassed my expectations.

As you can imagine, Ganghwa Island is famous for seafood and fish. Two of the most famous foods of Ganghwa include horse crab stew (what I got) and roasted eel.

I am not sure if this is the most famous crab stew restaurant, but my friend's family is friends with some people who work here.

There were four of us, but this was our fourth meal in just as many hours, so we opted to get the medium (joong) size of the kkotgetang.

There are TONS of vegetables in the stew. I am especially a fan of the pumpkin squash and rutabagas (?).

The flavor is very nice. It is peppery without being spicy, probably thanks to the vegetables.

There are whole crabs in the stew and you know it is ready to be eaten when it boils for a while, the vegetables cook down, and the crabs start floating on the top of the pot.

We also got the crab marinated in soy sauce (ganjang gejang, 간장제장). This was pretty spicy, but not so spicy that you are crying or sweating. It had a pretty strong sesame flavor.

I also really liked the variety of banchan (side dishes). Some included seafood, too.

More pictures available at this Korean blog. I got distracted by eating and didn't take a picture after the crab soup was cooked! There is also a map at the bottom of the blog. This was not available on Google Maps to show you.

To get to Chungnam Seosanjip, you will definitely need to take a taxi or drive a car.
It is located in a pretty remote area of Ganghwa.

Search for 충남서산집 on your favorite map app to find the location.

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