[DC - Georgetown] Georgetown Cupcake

Some Georgetown Cupcakes to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

While I was living in Georgetown, my visiting friends kept talking about going to Georgetown Cupcake (from the TLC television show DC Cupcakes). There were always sooo many people out front. Often, the line was 2 blocks long or longer. I couldn't handle that. But, luckily this day, there was no one, so I was the first to go inside!

Then, one day I was walking around in the morning and somehow there was no line at all. So, I obviously took advantage of the situation and got my first taste of Georgetown Cupcakes.

Honestly, they are pretty over-hyped. If it wasn't for the TV show on TLC, I am not sure if they would have gained such great popularity.

The cupcakes were good, don't get me wrong, but they were pretty average. I much prefer other cupcake stores in the area (Baked & Wired is my all-time favorite). I would say that they are pretty similar in taste and texture to Sprinkles, which is on the same street. Sprinkles never has a line, so there's that going for them.

Georgetown Cupcakes has seasonal flavors that change monthly and also flavors that are available more often...think vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream.

A great thing about Georgetown Cupcakes is that they have a daily special that they post on their Facebook page. Every day, there is a flavor of cupcake that they give away for free at each location (100/day). You just go and order it by name and they'll give you one with no strings attached. Honestly, one time I just went into the SoHo location in NYC and asked if they still had one of the free cupcake left and the worker just handed one to me.

Cupcakes are about $2.75 each.

Nearest station is GWU, follow the signs to Georgetown. (About 1 mile)
After you go up the escalators at GWU station, walk through the little courtyard that is right behind you. Then turn right. Walk straight to M Street and then turn left. Keep walking straight on M Street. You should walk past all of the Georgetown shops and eventually Georgetown Cupcake will be on your right.

If you're going to be in the Union Station area or the Rosslyn area, take the circulator to Georgetown. It's super easy and will only cost $1.

NYC - SoHo: 111 Mercer Street
Nearest subway stop is Prince Street (N, R). Walk west along Prince Street. At Lure Fishbar, turn left onto Mercer Street and walk about one block, right before you get to Spring Street.

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