Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day

Mark your calendars! Free Cone Day 2015 is April 14 starting at 11AM at all Scoop Shops Around the World!

Ben & Jerry's has a free cone day every year and I look forward to it every year.

I really like Ben & Jerry's because of their efforts to promote sustainability through where they source their ingredients. The ingredients are all non-GMO and are fair trade.

I also like Ben & Jerry's philanthropic work. Each shop is locally owned and has different causes they support. At their Minneapolis location, for example, the owner makes an effort to provide employment opportunities to inner-city youth, teaching them job skills and how to run a business.

Ben & Jerry's is also very open about their support of social justice, including LGBTQ and marriage equity. They also do a lot of work to counteract the effects of climate change.

Even though the ice cream is free, you can donate money to get some very valuable coupons to be used all year. All the donations go to the particular store's charity of choice.

You can choose to have either a cup or cone for your one scoop. You typically have a choice of one of 8 flavor options.

I usually get Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzz or Sweet Cream & Cookies.
Phish Food is also another solid choice. It all depends on what you are craving. There is something for everyone.

Which are your favorite flavors??

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