[Tokyo - Skytree] White Cosy at Skytree Solamachi

After a long day of touring, I ended up at Tokyo Skytree Solamachi Mall again. I really needed refreshment and didn't really want to spend too much money, so I decided to stop at White Cosy.

White Cosy is pretty popular for its soft-serve ice cream. Let me tell you, I am a fan! It was just what I needed and was not too sweet nor too milky.

I got the strawberry cheesecake parfait, but there are 100+ options, so you can't go wrong!
Unfortunately, the strawberries were a little under-ripe, but I just really wanted a cold refreshment.

Oh, and I finally got my melon soda! I think melon soda is only available in Japan and I rarely went to burger places, so I never got a chance to try it.

It is a light flavor, but SUPER sugary. I would definitely recommend trying some if you have a chance. You can find it at McDonald's and Mos Burger, so just try it somewhere!

There are a ton of seats all over the floor, so just find somewhere to sit! I sat at a bar seat with a view overlooking the grocery store. There is also free WiFi, a plus in Japan.

Other places to eat on this floor, for those of you who want a little more to eat can be found on the official page. Options include Ippudo Express (ramen), Nikusoba Narihira (soba noodles), and Tokyo Champ (curry & donkatsu - pork cutlet).

Skytree Solamachi
Milk&Parfait Yotsuba White Cosy  (3F Block 4)

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