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[Tokyo - Tokyo Station] Kitte Shopping Mall Marunouchi

When you're in Tokyo, you should definitely check out Kitte Shopping Mall, one of the newest malls in Tokyo, even if you're not a fan of shopping.

It is a semi-Western-style shopping mall that boasts six floors of food, entertainment, and style in one of the trendiest neighborhoods of Tokyo, Marunouchi.

It is the first shopping destination built by the Japan Post, that's right the post office people. The name is a play on kitte (postage stamp) and kite and you can definitely see this in the architectural design and layout of the building (above).

It is housed in the newly renovated Tokyo Central Post Office, so there are nods to that history all around the mall.

Each floor is set to a specific theme. For example, one floor is devoted to showcasing regional Japanese flavors, which is pretty exciting if you can only make it to Tokyo. There are so many different regional flavors and dishes that this is definitely worth a try!

There are also floors devoted to Tokyo tourism. If you go to the basement levels, you can get tourist information about everything Tokyo.

Unfortunately, there is not much information available about KITTE in English, so I hope I provided you with a little information. I can definitely try and help you out if you have questions.

I am going to post information about the chocolatier/chocolate cafe (Cacao Sampaka) my friend and I visited tomorrow, so make sure to check that out!

Here is a link to info about some of the restaurants: Kitte Restaurants (Japanese Only)

Location: JR Tokyo Station’s Marunouchi South Gate

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