[Seoul - Samcheongdong] Mukshidonna - Famous Korean ddukbokki restaurant (먹쉬돈나)

Mukshidonna (먹쉬돈나) is a great restaurant for quick, cheap eats. It specializes in ddukbokki (spicy rice cakes).
It is a chain store (just look for the sign around the country - at bottom), but the Samcheongdong store is the original location and one of the most popular!

 Any of the basic options are only 4,500KRW per serving and you can add mix-ins for 1,000KRW.

The name of the restaurant is unique/clever.
먹 - is for eat (먹다)
쉬 - is for rest (쉬다)
돈 - is for money (돈)
나 - is for leave (나가다)

The menu options are as follows (there is no English menu, you have to write the number of orders on the order sheet):
Cheese (치즈) ddukbokki, seafood (해물) ddukbokki, bulgogi (불고기) ddukbokki, Korean army (부대 - Spam, hot dogs, etc) ddukbokki, vegetable (야채) ddukbokki.
*The cheese ddukbokki is topped with shredded mozzarella cheese. 

The toppings/mix-in (사리) menu (optional): ramyun (라면), jjolmyun (쫄면), dangmyun - sweet potato noodles (당면), udon (우동), fish paste odeng (오뎅), meat dumplings (고기만도), fried mandu (야끼만두), seaweed roll (김말이), Spam (햄사리), egg (계란, typically hard-boiled).

AND! fried rice (볶음밥)...the best part!

We ordered the bulgogi ddukbokki, but I have had the seafood and vegetable options before, with dangmyun mix-ins. And, of course we HAD to get the fried rice to end our meal!

Seriously, the best part of this meal is the fried rice at the end! It is seasoned and has seaweed flakes, corn, and other toppings mixed in. The staff will swap out your previous pan, so make sure you're finished with that before they take it away.

Be on the lookout for this sign (below). There are a ton of these restaurants tucked away in various parts of the country, sometimes they're in basements (as is the case in Hongdae), so be on the lookout.

Samcheongdong Location (Original Location)
There will likely be a bit of a wait, especially if you go at a meal hour.

From exit 1, walk straight towards Gyungbokgung Palace. Turn right at the four-way street (towards Samcheongdong). Right after you pass the high school (on your right), there will be an alleyway and the restaurant is right down that alley. Look for the sign! There will be some wooden benches and chairs out front, just jump in the queue!

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