[San Francisco - Mission] Duc Loi Supermarket - Mission Banh Mi

My friend, a local, took me to Duc Loi Supermarket right before my flight. In her words this is "probably the best banh mi" in SF.

For only $5 you get a very substantial sandwich...it had to have weighed about 4 pounds.

Where's your favorite banh mi from?!

Even though the banh mi is a little more expensive than other ones you can get in the city (going rate is around $3, I heard), the portions here are far more generous.

We got there pretty early, around 11:15, and they were just baking fresh bread. It was great! The bread was literally fresh from the oven when they made my sandwich.

The pork was very flavorful and tender and the vegetables were fresh and crisp and also very flavorful.

The ingredients are all sourced locally and the owner is very friendly.

The only downside of our visit is that we had to wait a while, but it may be because we were there very early.

They serve from 11AM - 6PM.

All sandwiches are $5 and there is a bit of variety on the menu.
The "authentic Vietnamese" is the most raved about sandwich, but I wasn't sure how well the head cheese and pate were going to travel, so I opted for the lemongrass bbq pork.

If you're vegetarian, there is a sandwich for you (veggies, tofu, portobella)!
The other two options are lemongrass chicken and fried chicken.

Location: Mission District
Duc Loi Market, 2200 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

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