[Saint Paul] Como Park Zoo and Conservatory - Baby Orangutan Kemala

We were excited to go see the baby orangutan, Kemala, at the Como Zoo. I love baby apes, as you may recall from my visit to Arashiyama Monkey Park, so I had to go when I heard about the baby orangutan at Como Zoo in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Although the zoo and conservatory admission is free, donations are encouraged. I always make sure to give a donation when I go, just to make sure that the animals are taken care of well.

The zoo is good size to visit with little kids. Unlike the Minnesota Zoo, this zoo is definitely manageable and you can see it all in about 30 minutes without much worry about your kids getting all tuckered out or burnt out because of all the walking.

They have all of the major zoo animals, like penguins, lions, tigers, polar bears, orangutans, etc. They also have some more regionally-specific animals like the grey wolf and the bison.

If you are not aware, the Como Zoo gorillas just had a baby at the end of the year 2014, but, unfortunately, the baby did not survive. When we were there, the gorilla enclosure was empty. I assume it is because they were giving them time to grieve. This made me happy because I feel so many times not enough attention is paid to animal companionship in zoos.

They do a pretty good job with public education work and advocacy awareness. Most of the animals were actually orphaned or found injured in the wild, so I am kind of happy they do this, just a little sad that the animals have such small enclosures.

So, all in all, the zoo is doing great work, but it is a little depressing to tour in the winter because the animals have to stay in their indoor enclosures, it's far too cold for most of them.

Make sure when you go to give a little extra money to ensure that the animals are well cared for and so that the zoo can continue to do its work.

There was a baby western lowland gorilla born on the evening of February 22, 2015.
The baby and mother will likely be available for public viewing at the end of March 2015. 

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