[Osaka - Shinsaibashi] Hokkyokyusei - Eat at the world's FIRST Omurice Shop

Decided to try the OG omurice shop - Hokkyokyusei one weekend on a quick trip into Osaka from Kobe.

Omurice is, jokingly, my favorite Japanese food. It is a thin egg omelet filled with seasoned rice, meats, and vegetables.

I was so happy when I got my placement in Kobe, which is only 35 minutes from Osaka, the home of omurice. There is some debate about the ACTUAL original omurice restaurant, but Hokkyokyusei, by most accounts, is THE ORIGINAL.

There are 8 different varieties of omurice to choose from, including chicken (what I ordered), chicken, crab, etc. Luckily for tourists, the menu has the items listed in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English.
Standard Varieties of Omurice - more "exotic" varieties also offered
According to my Korean-language guidebook, the most popular options are the chicken (690JPY), scallop (930JPY), and shrimp (930JPY).

Other hard decisions that have to be made, after selecting variety of omurice, include whether you want a set and which kind of set you want.

You can get an omu-rice set, which comes with a fried tempura-battered prawn and miso soup, for about 400JPY extra.

Or a different special set which includes beef stew, a fried prawn, and salad. It gets a little complicated...all the options.

They were also offering an oyster omurice. It was a little unclear to me if this was a season special or if it is always available.

I opted for just the omurice. I was meeting my language partner and a friend later, so I needed to plan my food intake accordingly.

Here are the pictures for the additional menu pages:

Interior:There are actually a ton of seats inside. I was surprised!
There are only a few Western-style tables, so be prepared for that. The largest dining room is all Japanese-style, so you sit on the floor.

From Midosuji/Sennichima/Yochubashi Line: Namba Station (Station: M20, S15, Y15)
Go out exit 25 to the first street, walk in the direction away from the station. After you cross the river, walk to the second street and turn left.

It is right behind the Apa Hotel. You know how I know? I got a little lost and decided that hotel staff would likely 1) know where it is 2) speak English or Korean.
I was right. The man just laughed and told me to exit out the opposite to the left.

Shinsaibashi/Amerikamura Area

There are not many signs. This is what the building looks like.
You will likely wait about 30-40 minutes during meal hours.
Write your name and number of people in your party on the paper right inside the door and get in line.

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